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The knowledge repository is the platform to showcase the research activities of the individual scholars, departments, schools and other formal communities in the campus. It is an effort of the Library to preserve the scholarly output of the University. Faculty members and students are encouraged to share research related scholarly resource to bring more visibility to your work and dissemination. We welcome your inputs and suggestions to improve this service.

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  • Administration of Civil Justice in India: Ancient and Modern Perspectives 

    Arora, Tarun; Mehra, Neelu (IGI Global, 2021)
    Since the Vedic period, India is known for its commitment to justice, democratic values, the rule of law, and the welfare of individuals. The thrust of the chapter is an examination of tools of civil justice in ancient as ...
  • Emerging role of non-coding RNA in health and disease 

    Bhatti G.K; Khullar N; Sidhu I.S; Navik U.S; Reddy A.P; Reddy P.H; Bhatti J.S. (Springer, 2021)
    Human diseases have always been a significant turf of concern since the origin of mankind. It is cardinal to know the cause, treatment, and cure for every disease condition. With the advent and advancement in technology, ...
  • 3D modelling and visualization for Vision-based Vibration Signal Processing and Measurement 

    Yao Q; Shabaz M; Lohani T.K; Bhatt M.W; Panesar G.S; Singh R.K. (De Gruyter Open Ltd, 2021)
    With the technological evolutionary advent, a vision-based approach presents the remote measuring approach for the analysis of vibration. The structure vibration test and model parameter identification in the detection of ...
  • Ying and yang of immunological memory in controlling infections: Overriding self defence mechanisms 

    Roy R.K; Yadav R; Jain A; Tripathi V; Jain M; Singh S; Prakash H. (Taylor and Francis L, 2021)
    Immunological memory is critical for host immunity and decisive for individual to respond exponentially to previously encountered infection. Both T and B cell memory are known to orchestrate immunological memory with their ...
  • Role of ZBTB7A zinc finger in tumorigenesis and metastasis 

    Singh A.K; Verma S; Kushwaha P.P; Prajapati K.S; Shuaib M; Kumar S; Gupta S. (Springer, 2021)
    The zinc finger and BTB (broad-complex, tramtrack and bric a brac) domain containing protein 7A (ZBTB7A) is a pleiotropic transcription factor that plays an important role in various stages of cell proliferation, ...

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