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    • Immunomodulatory and antibacterial effects of cystatin 9 against Francisella tularensis 

      Eaves-Pyles, Tonyia; Patel, Jignesh; Arigi, Emma; Cong, Yingzi; Cao, Anthony; Garg, Nisha; Dhiman, Monisha; Pyles, Richard B.; Arulanandam, Bernard; Miller, Aaron L.; Popov, Vsevolod L.; Soong, Lynn; Carlsen, Eric D.; Coletta, Ciro; Szabo, Csaba; Almeida, Igor C.; Eaves-Pyles, T.; Patel, J.; Arigi, E.; Cong, Y.; Cao, A.; Garg, N.; Dhiman, M.; Pyles, R.B.; Arulanandam, B.; Miller, A.L.; Popov, V.L.; Soong, L.; Carlsen, E.D.; Coletta, C.; Szabo, C.; Almeida, I.C. (2013)
      Cystatin 9 (CST9) is a member of the type 2 cysteine protease inhibitor family, which has been shown to have immunomodulatory effects that restrain inflammation, but its functions against bacterial infections are unknown. ...