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    • Cellulose: A multifaceted biopolymer 

      Majeed, A.; Najar, R.A.; Ul Rehman, W.; Choudhary, S.; Thakur, S.; Singh, A.; Sharma, G.; Bhardwaj, P. (Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2016)
      Cellulose is a common natural polymer with a wide range of industrial, medical, bio fuel, agricultural, textile and paper applications. It exhibits various levels of structural organizations, from individual glucose chains ...
    • Microbial xylanases and their industrial application in pulp and paper biobleaching: a review 

      Walia, Abhishek; Guleria, Shiwani; Mehta, Preeti; Chauhan, Anjali; Prakash, Jyoti; Walia, A.; Guleria, S.; Mehta, P.; Chauhan, A.; Parkash, J. (Springer Verlag, 2017)
      Xylanases are hydrolytic enzymes which cleave the ?-1, 4 backbone of the complex plant cell wall polysaccharide xylan. Xylan is the major hemicellulosic constituent found in soft and hard food. It is the next most abundant ...
    • Studies in the hydrolysis of cellulose using cellulase in imidazolium based ionic liquid 

      Kumar, Rabindra (Central University of Punjab, 2012)
      Ionic liquids are the modern day revelations as a green solvent. These solvents have found many applications in biofuel strategy. The cellulose pretreatment using ionic liquid is currently being studied for future biofuels ...