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    • Characterization of WY 14,643 and its complex with Aldose reductase 

      Sawaya, M.R.; Verma, M.; Balendiran, V.; Rath, N.P.; Cascio, D.; Balendiran, G.K. (Nature Publishing Group, 2016)
      The peroxisome proliferator, WY 14,643 exhibits a pure non-competitive inhibition pattern in the aldehyde reduction and in alcohol oxidation activities of human Aldose reductase (hAR). Fluorescence emission measurements ...
    • Drug-metabolizing enzymes: role in drug resistance in cancer 

      Kaur, G; Gupta, S.K; Singh, P; Ali, V; Kumar, V; Verma, M. (Springer, 2020)
      Although continuous researches are going on for the discovery of new chemotherapeutic agents, resistance to these anticancer agents has made it really difficult to reach the fruitful results. There are many causes for this ...
    • Maps for when the living gets tough: Maneuvering through a hostile energy landscape 

      Mondeel, T.D.G.A.; Rehman, S.; Zhang, Y.; Verma, M.; D?rre, P.; Barberis, M.; Westerhoff, H.V. (Elsevier B.V., 2016)
      With genome sequencing of thousands of organisms, a scaffold has become available for data integration: molecular information can now be organized by attaching it to the genes and their gene-expression products. It is ...