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dc.identifier.citationYeshpal (2015) An ecological critique of Kalidasa's Meghaduta.International Journal of English Language Literature and Humanities. Vol. 3(4), PP. 305-314,en_US
dc.description.abstractEcocriticism is the study of the relationship between literature and environment.An ecological study is deal with landscapes, plants, animals, and natural resources etc.In literary sphere, approach of ecocriticism focuses on contemporary environmental issues and its deal with human and non-human social life.This research paper is based on an environmental study in literature and reflectsthe consciousness of ecological aspect in the contemporary era through the analyses of Kalidasa?sMeghaduta.Its classical lyric poetry was written in Sanskrit in ancient time. This influential work is an example of richness reflects the skillfulness and expertise of Kalidasa. It brings into focus the contribution of Kalidasa to natural environment as Meghaduta. This literary text is based on an environment, andevery stanza is dealing with an ecological aspects. The paper tries to explore Kalidasa?s concept of ecology, with emphasis on the relationship between human society and the natural world.Ecology is closely relationship with to man and nature; it is necessary part of the world. Kalidasa?sMeghadutais also portrays many ecological concepts such as relationship between man and nature, social and culture aspects with environment and the ancient culture with the traditional roots. Therefore, this paper attempts to examine Kalidasa?sMeghdutafrom an ecological point of view.en_US
dc.publisherPublic Knowledge Projecten_US
dc.subjectNature and environment.en_US
dc.titleAn ecological critique of Kalidasa's Meghadutaen_US
dc.title.journalInternational Journal of English Language Literature and Humanitiesen_US
dc.type.accesstypeOpen Accessen_US

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