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    • Micropropagation protocol for Salvadora oleoides 

      Kumar, R; Najar, R.A; Gupta, K.B; Saini, R.G. (Northeast Forestry University, 2019)
      Salvadora oleoides Decne. is a pharmaceutically important plant. Owing to poor seed formation, viability and, germination, and to anthropogenic disturbances, this species is on the verge of extinction. A reproducible ...
    • Role of Immune System in Tumor Progression and Carcinogenesis. 

      Upadhyay, S; Sharma N; Gupta, K.B; Dhiman, Monisha (Wiley, 2018)
      Tumor micro‐environment has potential to customize the behavior of the immune cell according to their need. In immune‐eliminating phase, immune cells eliminate transformed cells but after tumor establishment innate and ...